marți, 21 noiembrie 2017

I remember when
Girls used to come over and I
Put books I've never read on my desk
And music I've never listened in my playlist
And wallpapers I didn't like on my dekstop
And sprayed Febreze in my room
And my other room
And my bathroom
And my corridor

And I washed my face to look fresh
And shaved my face to look young
And hid my action figures to look cool
And faked my being.

because we are not what we are when no one's watching
we are what we are when we need to be
that is not us.

sâmbătă, 18 noiembrie 2017

I remember when you had bad dreams
And you couldn't sleep for nights in a row
And Green Eyes allowed you to
Close your eyelids
And slumber.

I remeber when you were sick,
And I was too, always am;
But I was glad you made it,
I hope I'll make it too.

The love was limitless
Like a black hole,
Sucking everything, giving nothing back,
But there was so much to give.
And I noticed this too late,
And now I feel old
And I look old,
And there's nothing for my spirit here.

Let me feed my body with
Clothes and cars and drugs and booze,
Trying to relive what I never actually had
Without you on this wretched Earth.

Set me free, I won't do it myself,
Set me free to roam alone
And sing a song
And die in peace
And become a memory soon to be forgotten,
Only to be remembered at a party in a flat
A the 5th floor while everyone's high
And dancing and laughing
Cause I couldn't dance at all.

luni, 23 octombrie 2017


Sigur ne sabotam singuri
Cand ne-ndepartam de miez,
De supa care ne compune
Pe toti de cand am inceput
Sa existam.

Si dac-ar fi sa ne eliberam
De esenta noastra trista
De fiinte inerent incomplete
Si nesatisfacute de orice, oricant, oricum
Tot am fuma un pachet de tigari
Ca sa ne dovedim
Ca suntem oameni.

Nefericiti, c-asa vrem noi,
Fara sa stim.

joi, 14 septembrie 2017

Poezii si
Mi-ai cantat la pian
Si flori si inima batand
Ca un cal copita-n piatra
Si-acum nimic dupa o viata

Degeaba tot,
Baga-mi-as pula.

marți, 21 februarie 2017

N-am idei noi, le-a supt tranzistorul din tot si toate.
Scaune, oameni mici,
Cunoasterea de sine nu mai e o prioritate pentru nimeni,
Caci bani si plaja si cafea si rochii si boxeri cu logo
Dar totusi, poate maine,
Imbin doua piese dreptunghiualre si-mi imbin nimicurile
Cu sete astamparata de dorul activat in noul