sâmbătă, 18 noiembrie 2017

I remember when you had bad dreams
And you couldn't sleep for nights in a row
And Green Eyes allowed you to
Close your eyelids
And slumber.

I remeber when you were sick,
And I was too, always am;
But I was glad you made it,
I hope I'll make it too.

The love was limitless
Like a black hole,
Sucking everything, giving nothing back,
But there was so much to give.
And I noticed this too late,
And now I feel old
And I look old,
And there's nothing for my spirit here.

Let me feed my body with
Clothes and cars and drugs and booze,
Trying to relive what I never actually had
Without you on this wretched Earth.

Set me free, I won't do it myself,
Set me free to roam alone
And sing a song
And die in peace
And become a memory soon to be forgotten,
Only to be remembered at a party in a flat
A the 5th floor while everyone's high
And dancing and laughing
Cause I couldn't dance at all.

luni, 23 octombrie 2017


Sigur ne sabotam singuri
Cand ne-ndepartam de miez,
De supa care ne compune
Pe toti de cand am inceput
Sa existam.

Si dac-ar fi sa ne eliberam
De esenta noastra trista
De fiinte inerent incomplete
Si nesatisfacute de orice, oricant, oricum
Tot am fuma un pachet de tigari
Ca sa ne dovedim
Ca suntem oameni.

Nefericiti, c-asa vrem noi,
Fara sa stim.

joi, 14 septembrie 2017

Poezii si
Mi-ai cantat la pian
Si flori si inima batand
Ca un cal copita-n piatra
Si-acum nimic dupa o viata

Degeaba tot,
Baga-mi-as pula.

marți, 21 februarie 2017

N-am idei noi, le-a supt tranzistorul din tot si toate.
Scaune, oameni mici,
Cunoasterea de sine nu mai e o prioritate pentru nimeni,
Caci bani si plaja si cafea si rochii si boxeri cu logo
Dar totusi, poate maine,
Imbin doua piese dreptunghiualre si-mi imbib nimicurile
Cu sete astamparata de dorul activat in noul